This article contains evidence of Camren being real in 2018.

February 5, 2018 Edit

Pay attention to the synchronicity. Pay attention to the signs.

– Lauren Jauregui, Twitter

After Lauren tweeted that. A Twitter user that goes by the username @feverfifthlizer on Twitter tweeted a video of Camila and Lauren doing the same movements, click here to view the video. Defining it as "the synchronicity". Lauren liked the tweet hours after.

Camren shippers all over Twitter were shaken and many commented after and before Lauren liked that tweet that Camren was real.

June 1, 2018 Edit

Lauren said the best advice she ever heard is to treat herself like she would her best friend. This is advice which Camila has on multiple occasions given to others, suggesting Lauren heard it from her (click here to view the video).

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